Data communication project for the Brigham Young University Marriott School of Management

This project is an instructional tool to teach efficient and effective data communication and visualization, using Google programs including Sheets and Docs. It is an interactive presentation designed to accompany classroom lecture. It demonstrates principles such as simplification and appropriate use of emphasis, among others, to assure that the most important information in a data visual (chart or table) is clearly communicated to the audience. It also demonstrates the process of making such changes by instructing students how to use the software itself. This is done through screencasts, visual and text instructions, and hands-on practice.

I began working on this project in June 2016, while employed as a Software Training Instructor at Brigham Young University. I was asked to contribute to the project along with my supervisor, Jed Johnston, by Lisa Thomas and Andy Spackman, the directors of the project at the Marriott School of Management.

My contributions to the project are the creation of the video demonstrations, the organization and order of the slides and each step, the interactive functionality of the presentation, the adaptation of the final report document for this specific purpose, and the collection, creation and design of the data sets and all graphs and tables. Mr. Johnston gave constructive feedback and direction throughout, as did Ms. Thomas and Mr. Spackman. The color scheme and design of the slide template was done by a graphic designer for the department.

The project was completed in October 2016 and has been in use by the BYU Marriott School of Management MCOM 320 classes since Winter 2017.

View the entire project here.

Selected sample images of the presentation:

simplifying-and-formatting-graphs-and-charts_-an-mcom-learning-activitysimplifying-and-formatting-graphs-and-charts_-an-mcom-learning-activity-2 simplifying-and-formatting-graphs-and-charts_-an-mcom-learning-activity-3 simplifying-and-formatting-graphs-and-charts_-an-mcom-learning-activity-4simplifying-and-formatting-graphs-and-charts_-an-mcom-learning-activity-8 simplifying-and-formatting-graphs-and-charts_-an-mcom-learning-activity-6 simplifying-and-formatting-graphs-and-charts_-an-mcom-learning-activity-7