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I’ve spent time volunteering in Europe and at home for causes I believe in. Click to see more about the organizations and groups I’ve served with.

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I travel a lot, so I started a blog as a way to share tips and tricks as well as my experiences abroad.

Who I Am

Scientist | Creator | Scholar | Feminist

I'm an aspiring sociologist and researcher, an artist and amateur photographer, a Francophile and world traveler, and a student of the sciences and the humanities.

I'm multilingual, creative, dedicated, determined, resourceful, efficient and responsible. I learn new things quickly, and I easily adapt to new situations and surroundings. I'm naturally curious about the world, particularly how human interaction and societal pressures shape individual decisions, which is why I am choosing to study sociology.

I consider my home to be Michigan, and my heart will always be in the Midwest! I love the lakes, the forests, the open space and the abundance of plants and wildlife. As much as I love traveling, I make sure to visit home frequently.

In my spare time, I love yoga, hiking, camping, and reading. I also enjoy street photography, writing, and experiencing new things - especially through travel and exploring other cultures. One of my favorite things is meeting people from all different backgrounds and getting to hear their stories, their beliefs and experiences (in their native language when possible!).

Though I am getting my bachelor's degree in biology and French studies, an experience interning overseas helped me realize that sociology is what I'm truly passionate about. I've been doing quantitative sociological research and data analysis for the past year, with an emphasis in family structure and international women's health and security.

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